Compressors & Dryers

MSN Maxi Range

Base Mounted Version: Especially recommended for installations near the place of use or the expansion of existing systems. The electrocompressor’s main components are: Air suction filter, compressor, electric motor, oil filter and cooler, air cooling system, electrical panel for power-on and adjustment, support base and elegant sound-proof casing.

Tank Mounted Version: Particularly recommended for new or stand-alone installations where there is a need for compressed air with a low noise level. The unit consists of an electrocompressor on a fixed, 270/500-litre tank.

Dry Version: Especially recommended for installations with compressed air demand with a low dew point. The compression unit is made up of electrocompressor, tank and refrigerating dryer with gas R134a with indicator of the Dew Point and timed condensate drain.

Dry Version with Filters and By-pass Dryer: For compressed air demands without oil, MSM Maxi can be equipped with deoiling pre-filter and afterfilter + By-pass and centralised condensate drain.

MSA Tank / Dryer

The Maxcompact is a rotary screw compressor mounted on a tank that is completely preassembled and tested on the assembly line.

Water proof control panel with star-delta motor starting, complete with all functional and operational safety devices. The new MSA series, a silenced and oil injected rotary screw compressor.

Compressed air receiver with pressure stabilization function and condensate separator. The receiver rests on a structure that allows for easy handling.

Installation is extremely simple; just position the machine, connect the air output to the air distribution network and make the electrical connection.

Variable Speed IVR

Variations in the amount of compressed air required causes corresponding variations in line pressure. Pressure variation is detected by the compressor’s delivery pressure sensor, which processes the signal and transmits it to the control system.

The machine varies motor speed and keeps line pressure constant, adjusting automatically according to consumption. This means it only supplies the amount of compressed air required by the system. The motor speed is regulated by varying the electric motor’s feed frequency.

Every re-start of the electric motor using the INVERTER is ramped, with limited current. This means an unlimited number of startups can be performed, unlike traditional compressors with direct or ASD startup.