We have a 24-hour emergency call out facility, but this contradicts our mindset here. We believe that with some practical thinking and organised management, most emergencies calls are avoidable.

Outsourcing your maintenance contracts to Air-Tools and Compressor Services will put you in control. We will devise a service strategy for you that will, in the medium term, minimise cost and maximise Uptime.

We are professionals. It is important to us that you share this opinion. The products and support contracts that we supply, are the correct ones for the task. There is no under-sell or over-sell. We do not work from a standard price list when it comes to maintenance contracts, because each client has a unique set of requirements. All issues will be considered before we put forward our proposals.

Having a maintenance contract means that you will always know what to expect.
You will know how quickly we can respond to your service needs and you will know the cost of the project. This will not vary from the original quote. You will understand even the worst-case scenarios, because these will be explained to you in a way that is very simple to understand from the outset. In short, you will have no surprises.

If you have an urgent maintenance contract requirement, or if you are unhappy with the service or cost of your current provider, then please call us. Our site survey will be free of charge and confidential.